The Narwhal and Yeti Show

The Narwhal and Yeti Show

9 Episodes

It's the Narwhal and Yeti Show bro. Things are crazy in this animated series yo! Science is getting all F*ed up all over the place. Nelly the Narwhal Eddie the Yeti and Pedro the Penguin are gettin messed up in this place. Stuck in multiple dimensions yo, time traveling bro, other sh*t yo!

The Narwhal and Yeti Show
  • Gone to the Demon Dimension

    Episode 1

    They gone to the Demon Dimension bro. Nelly Eddie and Pedro tear it the fuck up in this place. Demons all over this space.

  • Knights of the Dinner Kingdom

    Episode 2

    Etti the Yeti, Nelly the Narwhal, and Pedro the Penguin go back in time yo. How the hell did that happen yo?!

  • Going Camping Dawg

    Episode 3

    Pedro is angry because Eddie, Nelly, and Simon are assholes in this one bro. They don't respect nature yo, they just want to have a good time and get f*cked up yo!

  • It's Valentine's Day Brah

    Episode 4

    Love loves hard sometimes. Eddie the Yeti loves Nelly the Narwhal hard. Oh yeah.

  • Dance Party Yo!

    Episode 5

    Shit's getting out of control in this one yo! The whole gang's gettin shwifty in this one bro!

  • Multiple Reality TV

    Episode 6

    Pedro plugged in a weird cable box and now they're watching Television from other realities yo! Eddie the Yeti and Nelly the Narwhal are in Star Wars and Lord of the Rings in other realities yo!

  • Artifical Intelligence

    Episode 7

    Shits really fucked up in this one bro. Artificial Intelligence in this one yo. It's the end of season 1, aw shit yo!

  • Narwhal Yeti show Christmas 2: this time there's a Dinosaur.

    Episode 8

    uh... it's Christmas and there is a Dinosaur.

  • PLOPcartoons Halloween Special Satan's Elves

    Episode 9